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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the bills included?

Yes all utility bills are included. We also provide unlimited broadband.

How much is the security deposit?

We require a deposit of one months rent. You get this back in after you have moved out.

I am a licensee and I have lost my login details, how do I obtain them?

If you have lost your licensee login details, simply email requesting them and we will re-send you the welcome letter you received when you moved in which has your login details and password on.

I have viewed a room and want to take it. Whats the next step?

We will discuss the details, do the paperwork and take a two week holding deposit to secure you the room until your agreed move in date.

If I want to leave my room, how much notice must I give?

The notice we require is 30 days. This can be submitted through the licensee login area. Please check you are out of contract before submitting your notice.

What other fees do I have to pay when I move in?

None. We do not charge any administration fees, reference fees or any other type of fees when you move in.

When I move out, how do I get my deposit back?

On the day you move out a check out clerk will meet you at the property. Providing there are no arrears and the room is left in the same condition as when you moved in, your deposit will be returned to the bank details you provided to us when you submitted your notice within 14 working days.

Who is responsible for maintaining the property?

Inclusive Living manage all of our properties. If you have any issues regarding maintenance we have a team that will come out and fix the problem. Just report the issue through the licensee login area on our website.